Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Sunflower Award

 Sunflower Award

What up, y'all. First we get nominated for the Sunshine Award, then the Sunflower Award. We're just some sunny, sunny folks. Yet again we have Ajax Cochrane to thank!

Ajax Cochrane at
21st Century Renaissance Man

  • Share eleven facts about yourself (if there’s another eleven facts about me that I haven’t already mentioned)
  • Answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated you
  • Nominate bloggers
  • Set seven questions for nominated bloggers
Eleven facts about myself:

1. I am the second oldest of ten children, five girls, five boys, in that order. Funky, eh?
2. It has taken me almost two months to get around to putting these facts up. Much to the dismay of sister #2.
3. I'd really love to act, and my dream movies would be The Incredibles 2, The Silver Chair, a live-action Wonder Woman movie, or a Ranger's Apprentice film adaptation.
4. If I can't act, I want to direct.
5. My official nickname is Hannah Banana, because when I was a toddler I ate a banana with the peel on it.
6. My hair is currently about 2 1/2 feet long.
7. Since February 2012 I have been keeping a list of "Things I Never Thought I'd Say", which is just strange things that have actually been uttered in our family. For instance, have you ever felt the need to say, "Truthfulness is a blue lion throwing a piece of bread at someone's face"?
8. I am almost always cold. Socks are magical, and jackets are my friend. Seriously, I have my everyday jacket, my everyday formal jacket, my formal jacket, my leather jacket. Then there's my trench coat, my weird Russian coat, etc...
9. My favorite shoes are combat boots. I also have an everyday pair and a formal pair.
10. Do you want to drive? Cause I don't want to drive, and my driving test is in 31 days.
11. I memorize things really well. I can recite Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, and Ballade of the duel at the Hôtel de Bourgogne Between de Bergerac and a Boeotian (from Cyrano de Bergerac). Not to mention movie quotes galore.

1. Who is your favorite dwarf in The Hobbit? Hmm... that's tough. In the books my favorite was Balin. But in the movies... Probably Bofur. I'd say Thorin, but I have issues with his attitude, and I'd say Kili, but I don't like the whole deal with Tauriel (I mean, seriously, it's a perfectly good, internationally well-loved novel with NO romance... do you really have to add the romance? I doubt it would ever be a box office failure, I think you can assume that from the get-go. And who goes to The Hobbit to see a romance? It's a epic fantasy period war film.)
2. What is your opinion of All Quiet on the Western Front? I have no experience, so I have no opinion. Sorry.
3. Favorite pre-1980 movie? Pfffttt... I am not very familiar with pre-1980s movies. I had to look up the top box-office hits before the 1980s to see if there were any I recognized, and of those, I'd say probably Fiddler On The Roof. Back when we had only five girls, my dad was going to get a personalized-license plate that said TEVYE (he's the guy in the movie with five daughters: "This is mine, and this is mine, and this is mine..."). But then five boys came along, so that went out the window.
4. If you were only allowed one CD to listen to, for the rest of your life, which singer/ band would it be? I'd say Maranatha singers. I know all their songs, they're worshipful, and I grew up on them.
5. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I am both and neither. Comfortably settled between the two.
6. What subject are you most knowledgeable on? *hysterical laughter* I really can't say. It would be easier to find things I am not knowledgeable on, like math, cars, Apple products, public school, the manual option on a Canon camera, fashion, subtlety, etc. But apart from these things, I am fairly well-informed for a teenage girl. My parents have done a wonderful job of making sure I'm prepared for life.
7. Chevy or Ford? Note: This could affect your standing as a blog follower here LOL. Chevy. Just Chevy. Because Chevy homeschooler vans.

And Sarah's answers, and also her eleven facts:

1. Who is your favorite dwarf in The Hobbit? Ohh, my. Yeesh, this has been a conundrum for some time cause in the books (before the movie) it was Fili and Kili, and then in the movies they made them all different and younger looking and gave Kili a bigger part because of the end (hint hint), I still like them, but less so because they're popular now and EVERYBODY likes them.Although one thing that really irritates me (and I'm gonna add this just cause I feel like it) is everyone thinks that Kili is younger than Fili  but in the eighth chapter of The Hobbit, Bilbo says that Fili is the youngest,and according to Wikipedia Ori is supposed to be the youngest. I still think Fili should be the youngest.
2. What is your opinion of All Quiet on the Western Front? None, same as Hannah.
3. Favorite pre-1980 movie? I don't know, probably a Disney movie.
4. If you were only allowed one CD to listen to, for the rest of your life, which singer/ band would it be?Hmm. Can I choose a composer? Maybe Tchaikovsky or Beetoven.
5. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Very much an introvert, but I sorta wish I could be more outgoing.
6. What subject are you most knowledgeable on? Probably cats and animals. We have three cats, one outside and two inside. Over the past year or so they've each had some sort of infection or something and I'm always the cat doctor, giving them medicine and everything. I do a lot of animal research for fun and pick up queer bits and pieces. Oh, but I'm a total nerd about art. It's kinda hard for me not to completely gush over all the drawing books, sketch books, paints, paintbrushes, ceramic figurines, canvases, and other awesome things in the art store.
7. Chevy or Ford? Note: This could affect your standing as a blog follower here LOL. I wasn't sure till I read Hannah's answer, I'd say Chevy but I'm not very automobile-minded I suppose.

And for my eleven facts:

1. I'm not very good at talking to people, in real life or through the internet. And I'm really shy.
2. I love music and animals.
3. I can draw well, but I have bad handwriting.
4. I don't like when people show-off.
5. I am the third oldest child in my family.
6. I am the second tallest in my family, much to the dismay of my older sisters.
7. My favorite food is spaghetti.
9. I don't like being mainstream, like everybody else.
10. Other people's opinion changes what I think very much. Like, if everyone in my family tells me my painting is great but someone else who I hardly ever see doesn't like it I get really sad.
11. This little section of facts has taken me almost a week to finish.

Grace Anna Rose at Dreams Of A Narnian
Joannah at Writers Who Need To Talk To Other Writers
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Just three today, folks, unless you'd like to do it. Then consider yourself nominated.

And here are our collection of questions (slightly saner than last time).

1. How much time do you spend writing in a day?
2. Pencils or pens?
3. Is the internet your friend or your arch-enemy? (Lookin' at you, Pinterest.)
4. If you could live anywhere other than Earth, where would it be?
5. Would you consider your music preferences main-stream or hipster?
6. If you could only have one book besides the Bible, dictionary or thesaurus, which would it be?
7. And last of all...

<---- Chips or crisps?


  1. Thanks so much for your nomination! :D
    ~ Grace Anna

  2. Okay, the part about the licence plate has me laughing hysterically in the car.

  3. I Nominated y'all for the Sunshine Award on my blog
    Hope y'all are having a wonderful day!