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I (Hannah) am the sort of person to dabble about with introductions and prologues and completely fail with words and forget what I was talking about, then bring up the completely unrelated topic of Polish sausage (which is really great, fried up with Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce). So I'll be throwing myself directly into the midst of this blog business.

The Bloggers:

Sarah and Hannah, benevolent (and humble) artists

Hannah and Sarah Joy.

As is implied by the name of the blog, we are sisters, with a particular proclivity for picture production.
The most important thing to say is that we are Christians, who believe that Jesus is the Son of GOD, He died for our sins, rose again, and is coming back to bring us to heaven soon (and very soon).
We've both been home-schooled since birth, and we've been drawing, sketching, coloring, and painting for years.

Hannah (17) and Sarah (16) are not, in fact, twins, though people have thought so very often. In fact, there are no sets of twins in our family of 12. That's two parents and ten children, which consist of five girls and five boys, in that order, ranging in ages from 18 to 2. Impressive, eh? We fit in there as numbers #2 and #3.
Oh, and we are interested in lots of other things besides art, like dancing, singing, movie quotes, impromptu explosions of giggliness (usually after 11 o'clock at night), church activities, making movies, writing poetry, and for the "fandoms" out there, we love The Princess Bride, Sherlock BBC, The Chronicles of Narnia (film and book), The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit (also film and book), Harry Potter (same song and dance), Artemis Fowl, and likely over a thousand other books and twenty (dozen) movies.

The Blog:

Starting around February 2013, we've been slowly chugging along, taking turns posting our artwork. That's not much a history, yet, but we're working on it. Procrastination has been a terrible bane, a dragon to slay (over and over again), but we are fearlessish knights and noblestish of the King's warrior princesses, so we might manage not to singe our skirts in the Fire Swamp of our laziness.

The Artwork:

Unless otherwise indicated, all the artwork and pictures are ours. We might not be able to source the... um, sources... Cite the sources, that's the term. We might not be able to cite all the sources, but we're gonna try to make sure that credit is not taken for other peoples' stuff. Drop us a line or type us a comment if any of the pictures have been "incorrectly labeled". 
On the flip-side of that, please don't steal our stuff, because that's mean. If meanness doesn't really matter to thieving stealers, then know that we have resources of resourcefulness, and chances are, we will find you, and we will turn you into shoes. 
On the flippier-flip-side, go ahead and share our stuff if you like, just give credit where it's due. And we don't really care if you don't name us, cause links can be linky and you're smart and things do stuff. [Translation: if you can link the image to our blog, you don't necessarily have to say its by us, just don't say it's by someone else.] 
Uncomfortable subject moving on okay.

Okey-dokey! That seems to be about all! Just remember that comments are super-welcome, except for rude ones. If you post a rude comment, we will either delete it or find you with our aforementioned resourceful resources.

To God be the glory,
Hannah and Sarah

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