Greetings to all! This is Sarah. I should tell you right away that I am a Christian, I  believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died to pay for my sins. And I am going to go to heaven to live with him when I die. 

I am the younger sibling doing sketching and drawing and occasionally vague scribbles. I am also trying to post more often,( than never) I'm currently 16, but that changes every year around the month I was born, odd. I'm home schooled, like the rest of my nine siblings. Like Hannah, I don't know when I started loving art. Unlike Hannah, I don't have a horrible memory. I do happen to remember that when I did Bob Jones University videos in history or math, I'm not sure, my favorite part was when an artist " visited " I really enjoyed watching her put together a realistic picture using pastels, colored pencils, markers, and paint. I also liked to watch my cousin sketch beautiful horses when we visited my aunt"s house. And I admired the stylized horses my older friends from church would draw. I would try to copy them at home, I'd end up with fat jellybeans with five or six stick like legs and a strangely deformed oval for the head. I've practiced drawing horses a lot since then and they gradually improved and got knees and, eventually, I guess I figured out they only have four legs.

I love animals immensely, just about all of them. I regularly draw animals because I generally don't need to give them very much emotion, unlike humans.It's just very graceful and beautiful the way God made them. Not that humans are ugly, I do happen to be more or less human, and I do like drawing humans also. It's just animals hold some sort of fascination for me.
About myself, I like swimming, drawing (obviously), climbing trees, running, singing, dancing, reading, sleeping (I mean, who doesn't?), eating, reading and thinking. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm a bit of book worm, or book dragon in my case. As in I don't "munch" on books like a book worm, I consume them hungrily and do a bit of hoarding. Mostly fantasy books are what I enjoy. So that's a fair bit about me, I'm a little surprised I was able to write so much here. Again, unlike Hannah I cannot talk about myself all day. One more thing though I'm not quite the grammar freak that Hannah is, I am a little bit, but I don't always have perfect grammar so if you find a flaw in this or in one of my posts, apologies.



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