Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sketch Dump #3

 I (Hannah) have finally got around to a sketch dump.

And this one is cool, cause if I put the original color one on my iPod and zoom it in to a certain point, it'll match up in color. And I can put my finger in the center and drag the iPod around and it's like a magic color X-ray machine. 

You can see I've kind of started to get into photorealistic CG animation fan art. My papa has suggested I do some in colored pencil.

To God be the glory,

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sketch dump #2

Post time! This is Sarah. I actually didn't really plan this post. As I was send a friend some drawings of mine I figure I'd do a kind of a sketch dump. These are really more of finished pictures for me but they aren't edited like the last sketch dump was. Hannah said I don't really need to narrate a sketch dump so that's all and I hope you like them!

Also do you guys prefer sketch dumps, digital art (photoshop) or...something else?