Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Long Day for Sarah

Hey everybody. This is Sarah. Sorry about the whole blog neglectation (that may or may not be a word). It's been pretty busy at home what with tons of plant nursery stuff plus Papa is building a big shed and works on it almost every spare minute he can, having us lift, measure, pluck, straighten, nail and hand him things. But we really do get free time that we could use to finish posts and do lots of things but we're just lazy despite Hannah's little inspiring speech of turning away from laziness and forging on through the many difficulties of a blog. She started a post about another award someone gave us but still hasn't finished it, and that is all I shall say on that.

So, we watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 and it was spectacular! I really like the animation, and the dragons were as awesome as ever. And I noticed something neat about the conformation of Toothless' head and face, his muzzle is very short while his head is very broad and flat, and it's almost like a snake. None of the other dragons have a head shaped quite like his, I know they made him unique like that and made other Nightfuries so rare so that Hiccup could have the most special dragon of any other character because he is the main character. I cheated. I really liked Toothless and I tried to draw Nightfuries in different colors before but none of them really looked like Nightfuries, one's head was too pointed and one was too round and fat and I couldn't figure out why, I still can't. But yesterday I made one that looked like Toothless, except I wanted to make a girl and it worked. So here you are.

                                                    Toora the Nightfury

I made her entirely on Photoshop and I think I'm a bit too proud of her since she actually worked and now I have my own Nightfury!(more or less)
I have tried many techniques to make different animals on Photoshop with softer brushes, darker outlines, no outlines, heavy shading, light shading, special effect paintbrushes to try to mimic fur, and surprisingly this one had almost no special effects or paintbrushes and turned out better than most of the ones that did. I just used a round paint brush of different shades of blue and green, the only special brush I used was like a paint splatter brush to give the eyes little flecks of darker blue. Before this version you see here^ I made this darker one.
Hannah actually likes this one better just because it's darker. Sadly I had lots of trouble getting this versiond seperate from the lighter one while keeping the signature on so her eyes are also more round and less shiny then the other one because I must have turned off  the wrong layers while trying to save it as a JPG and not a Photoshop file and not on top of anything else.
As always I love comments and I'd like to know what you think about both pictures.


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