Friday, October 11, 2013


I'M LATE! It's Sarah and I know, but I have been sort of trying! I also have good reasons for being late except for one which unfortunately is the most prominient, I'm lazy. Yes, yes I know it's unbelievable but it's true. But as of now I don't think there are very many people that mind my being late except for Hannah. Hannah has been doing a fair bit of pestering me to do another post, not because she likes them but because I am a lazy slacker and I'm not very creative when it comes to writing at least a page's worth about someting you can see in a picture. And she wants to keep the blog up and running. I finally told her that once I got my drawing back from when I entered it in the fair the I would do a post on it. And I said I would try my best to get it done today. About four weeks ago. I guess I didn't quite do my best. Sorry Hannah. The drawing I eventually entered in the fair was an older drawing of mine of a lady centaur playing a harp that looked sorta like this.

I got it back with a blue first place ribbon (which doesn't mean very much, because everyone else in my age group probably got one too) and a comment that it needs more shading. I was a little annoyed that I got criticisim on my drawing, when most of my siblings just got praise for how well they did. But Mama told me when she took art classes they told her to make the shades from white to jet black so maybe that is what they meant. So I shaded it darker to look like this!
After that I spent many painstaking hours on photoshop to edit it into a colored version and then sorta left it at that for two weeks. I eventually finished it and saved it, and then left that for a couple weeks with an unfinished post saved as a draft getting dusty in the back corner of my priority closet. But I really will try to get more posts done so hopefully we will get some followers. But back to the drawing:
TA-DA! Do you like it? I hope it was worth the work. :)

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