Monday, September 16, 2013

The Ultimate Vermin! 2

He swung the door open unceremoniously. The door banged against something behind it before it could open all the way.  The general didn’t seem surprised, just kicked the door as far as it would go and gestured to the room.
“There you are, ma’am.”
Ash peered around the general. The room before them was a casual bustle of people playing cards at a corner table, getting coffee from the small kitchen, telling jokes. It looked more like a recreational room than anything she had expected of the debriefing room.
Directly in front of the door was a plain sofa with three young adults, two appearing to be just out of teen-hood and the third not even that old. The two girls were sitting next to each other, the slender dark-haired one was glued to her iPhone, and the stockier blonde girl chewed on the end of her hot pink braid while reading a popular sci-fi book. The young man, a ginger, was indifferently flipping a coin back and forth across the backs of his fingers.
Ash frowned, then looked skeptically to the general. “Sir,” she sighed, “I know I don’t look like an expert, but you don’t need to hand me off to anyone. I assure you, I can do everything I told you.”
The general raised an eyebrow. “Do I look like I’m doubting you?” he asked, bewildered.
The young man glanced over at them. “Nah, it’s just us.” His legs were casually hooked over the arm of the couch, but he sat up gracefully, managing not to kick the girl next to him in the head. “It’s normal,” he told Ash. “We all look pretty unprofesh. It helps with the whole plain-clothes song and dance. The James Bond stereotype is just for ceremony, excepting His Majesty here,” he said, inclining his head to the general. 
The general gave him a dour look, then turned to Ash. “This is Agent 06, Finnegan Flannery.”
“Fox, for short,” the young man said cockily. “Who’s the newbie?”
“I’m not a newbie,” Ash said before she could stop herself.  Fox heard her.
“Alright, who’s the newcomer?” he asked, with a small smile.
“This is Ashley Doyle,” the general said, considerably more formally than Fox. “For the time being, Agent 83.”
“It’s Ash, for short,” Ash interrupted. The general only gave her a brief disapproving look. 
“Until further notice, Fox, you will be in charge of showing Ms. Doyle the ropes.” He turned back to the door. “Good luck.” Then he was gone.
Fox gave her a wry look.
“Sorry,” she said, uncomfortable, The general may think she was a rookie, but she knew enough to recognize that Fox was one of the agents very high on the ladder of authority and skill, and now he was getting saddled a “newbie” who obviously didn’t know what she was doing.
He winked. “For what? We all started out the same way.” He sat in a nearby computer chair and spun halfway to look at the two girls on the couch and muttered, “Expect maybe the general. We’re pretty sure he was a test-tube baby to begin with.”

So, in a breath or so, I made this picture to illustrate that (^) scene in my mind. I sketched it out on paper, took a picture of it (I still haven't found an error-proof method of transferring my pictures), and colored it in with Photosho using the idea of this tutorial.

This was the sequel I promised. Sarah also said she'd do some of her artwork soon, and the next post by me will be about what I've currently been working on. Here's the teaser:

Can you guess what materials I used to make this picture?

To God be the Glory,

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