Friday, May 10, 2013

Dental Floss

Good day to ya'll and sundry! I hope you have been very well. I have been very busy. Spent a lot of this afternoon shopping for Mother's Day and a lot of yesterday afternoon at the dentist (there are so many of us in our family that we do all of our appointments on the same day to save time running back and forth between home and town... we were there from 8:20 AM to just after 12:00 PM).
I have not been on for quite some time, due to a big project that I thought would take a lot less time than it has. I've just finished it (I think), and barely in time, because I need it tomorrow. But that will be for later, sometime very soon.
I had to put something or other up here, and didn't know what it would be until last night. Hee hee hee....
Okey-dokey. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a pretty jokey person. (See this board on Pinterest.) I'm not totally over the top with April Fools gags, but I like to mess with people a little bit.
For example, last night (the evening of Dentist Appointment Day), Trinity came up to me. She had one of our new sample containers of dental floss.

Except she had taken a Sharpie marker to the thing, so it looked like this:

She showed it to me, then put it up in my face and said, "MINE." Very clearly and bluntly, cause, doncha know, I won't remember any other way she says it. Then she left to go watch the Avengers with the rest of the family in the living room.
It wasn't long before I was giggling maniacally inside my head.
About five minutes later....

 Trinity comes into the bathroom to a carefully prepared scene.
There's silence for a moment as I rush to follow her into our room. I didn't see it all, but I'm pretty sure her face went:


And she just sort of stared at the whole scene, all like:


Meanwhile, I'm sure I had an expression much like this:

A moment later, Trinity must have looked over at the mirror or something, because I watched her, and her face went:

She looked over at me: 
"Did you do that?"

Then, of course, my sister Emily had to follow up with this:

So, those were the escapades of our dental floss pranks. That's it for today.... I'll be putting something else up pretty soon.

To God be the glory,

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