Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Q & A sketch dump

Well well well, we still have a blog, and followers! Imagine that. Sarah here, and sorry 'bout the whole blog neglectation...again. Ouch. We're really bad at this. But onward we go! I will be doing a sketch dump today and I hope you like it because it's not been edited a whole lot but I tried to clean it up a bit in Photoshop to make it more visible, and I hope you like it.
Aaaand not my greatest edit. This is Quinto and Abinwin (A as in apple, been when)the monkey. Or Q & A.
Quinto is a frequent drawing of mine because a couple months ago, I could not draw guys, only girls, to me guys were THE hardest to draw. I had drawn girls for a long time and with girls you can draw circles for the body shape and legs and just connect them all. (a bit more complicated than it sounds) And for guys you gotta draw a bunch of squares for the body shape accentuated with circles and maybe some rectangles, so... more difficult. And yet I just drew one, and I was so excited I just kept drawing them again and again and again. And he was the first one so if I can keep up some sketch dumps then you'd probably see quite a bit more of him. And Abinwin.

Would you like us to do some more sketch dumps or only finished works?
I think if we had some ideas we might be inspired to put other stuff up. Thanks!

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