Friday, August 9, 2013

Creativity Warriors

It's me, Hannah. I have returned! And I have art.

This here was a sort of an off-the-wall idea. I was supposed to be sleeping, actually, when I sketched it, but I didn't expect the idea to stick and was just planning to outline it briefly. At around 11:00 pm. But it turned out well, yes?

The subjects here are based on Trinity and I (the one on the left being Trinity, on the right being me). The hairstyles are ours, as well as the fashion choice - Trinity specifically requested the left outfit. It came up because I was considering Trinity and I taking pictures for our other blog, A Quill In Her Quiver. I was hoping the pictures would reflect our personalities as well as our interests. But what I've really done the most of over the past few months is draw or do other artsy stuff instead of writing, so I've sort of been considering Trinity as the writey one (she's better at it anyway) and me as the artisty one (frankly, I'm the one who's better at that). So that's what I was thinking of when I made this picture.

See, what we're doing here is fending of the Bordum. The best way to do that is with creativity and imagination. Unfortunately, the powers of creativity only work at full strength when you get trapped, and that's where we are, with our backs against the wall - or back to back, that is. So Trinity and I whipped out our fancy vintage pen and palette and paintbrush (sable-bristle paintbrush, 'cause that's the best kind, so I've heard) and blasted the Bordum to bits with our Colorferno and Wordbullets (Trinity says hers look more deadly).
So we are the Creativity Warriors.
And yes, we destroyed the Bordum utterly, burned down their cities, and salted the earth.

In case you're wondering, Trinity's Wordbullets do spell out real sentences, which read:

  • Error. The computer flashed.
  • "Yeah, Mr. Incredible, you're the best." (a paraphrase from The Incredibles)
  • That's the thing about Jim, you never know what he's about to do.
  • I'm a better liar than I should be.
  • The robot's metal treads bumpity-bumped across the rough gravel.
  • I had never worn a crown before.
  • Once upon a time 
  • All was well. (Harry Potter)
  • Lightning crackled overhead.
  • "Fascinating," he said, cocking an eyebrow,
  • A ranger practices until he never gets it wrong. (Ranger's Apprentice)
  • Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep
  • At the stroke of twelve, she'd said. I had just assumed she was being melodramatic. Old ladies were like that sometimes.
  • "Stay away from me!"
  • The princess was the most beautiful in the land.
  • Look, I didn't want to be a demigod. (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief)
  • "I bet you don't even know what you're talking about."
  • "Why won't you trust me?"

And my Colorferno does not spell anything, it just looks cool.

This was just a sketch I photographed and messed with on Photoshop. The drawing itself is largely unedited, although I had to use the color replacement tool with white to take the orange cast off the photo, and I employed the burn tool for the shadows.
The Wordbullets are dozens of layers of text, some slightly warped, and the Colorferno is a bunch of smudged "paint". 

To God be the Glory,

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