Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Goodbye, John

It's Hannah, again.

I'm trying to do what I can to keep the blog running smoothly. A post a week, maybe, ought to do.

 It does take sometime to draw something spectacular, but, you know, the results can keep cranking out, even after awhile. Art is, well, in the eye of the beholder. So if a 60-year-old man covers a canvas in finger-paints, then makes a little popping sound while revealing it (and he wears a beret), then it can sell. At outrageous prices. An identical painting by a three-year-old will be disregarded.

So, you know, it's not like writing a book. For me, writing is pretty tough. It's also apparently a life-and-death matter for around forty elves and a few humans. Writing is a science. And not a science. They want you to do it anyway you want, BUT NOT LIKE THAT! Sketches are much less complicated to me.

So anyway. I have a timed session on a library computer right now. So I'm going to try to finish this up within a 37 minute time span. Let's get directly to the pretty stuff.

*SPOILERS* Spoilers are also in the eye of the beholder, but you know, the stuff after this warning might could give something away. So if you don't want any spoilers about Sherlock BBC, especially Season 2, continue at your own risk.

Goodbye, John

Now this would classify as geekery. This is not intended to give out any spoilers or such... someone who knows what this is, well... knows what it is. Sorry for the heart ripping-outing title (it was the unanimous choice - based on my sisters' whimpers as I threw around ideas). Now I am a fan on Sherlock. If you haven't seen it, (and apparently disregarded the Spoiler alert), I would recommend it. My Mama and Papa love it, and our whole family has pretty high standards. I suggest you look it up.

As for all of the fans who are already present: axbcxkuihwohfaskgfksg. You understand.

This just started out as a basic sketch. It began with a typical skyline generating completely from imagination. Then, while re-watching Reichenbach Fall, I discovered that the skyline was.... sigh, completely different. So I go erase erase erase erase erase erase erase erase, and start over. And there was more erasing, and more touch-up... I turned Sarah's eraser black with all the re-sketching I was doing.
The original picture was just a line drawing, but I didn't think that was quite good enough (there wasn't enough contrast and eye-poppitiness), so I took it to Photoshop, partly to remove the pencil smudges around the main picture. Then I began messing around with the saturation and the negatives, and eventually got around to this result.
This was a bit easier to do than the Manga Warrior. It stayed black and white, so it wasn't so much of a pain.
Oh. Except for the heart-tearing out and dropping-into-a-bucket-of-broken-glass blast-you-Moffat feelings while researching this thing.

Oh, and then I named it. I don't usually name my art (it seems a little weird), but while listening to the Sherlock Season 2 soundtrack, I came across a few tracks that inspired emotional names. It was a battle between Prepared To Do Anything, Blood On The Pavement, and Goodbye, John. Which do you think is best?

Well, gosh, that's all I have to say. Which may just be a first, hmm. Except for this last bit: feedback is very welcome. Criticism, complements, requests, I don't mind. Except the criticism. I tolerate the criticism. 

That's all then. Toodle-pip!

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